The MMD BillBoard network is ideal for B2B outdoor advertising. The network consists mainly of business locations including Makro, Van der Valk Hotels and Restaurants, Eindhoven Aiport. 

MMD offers the possibility of nationwide or selective packages. For our B2B locations you could choose for the Makro package making your campaign visible at 16 Makro stores throughout the Netherlands. Giving you the possibility to advertise big right before the Point of Sale.


Poster (Static and Scroller) Digitaal
332 x 236 cm (wxh) Landscape - 480 x 360 pixels (wxh)
  Length - 7 sec., only Full Motion

Campagne duration 2 weeks
Start campagne In the odd weeks

Current location list available on demand


For more information;

Please call 020 - 545 10 40 or send us an email if you want to make an appointment with one of our account managers in the Netherlands or require a current location list.

For Belgium DOAA +32475-82 32 86 or send an email.